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Welcome to Allied Timbers

Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) head office is at 125A Borgward Road, Msasa, Harare in Zimbabwe. Allied Timbers is wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe under the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate.

Its operations involve Plantations, Harvesting, Processing, Marketing and Selling of both pine and gum. Allied Timbers Zimbabwe’ operations are highly concentrated in the Eastern Highlands and Midlands areas of Zimbabwe.

Allied Timber Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd specialises in sawn timber, poles, and other value added timber based products such as doors, flooring, brandaring, trusses as well as honey. Allied Timbers Zimbabwe has sales branches in all major towns and cities, offering timber based products to both industrial and end user customers,

Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd currently exports products to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and is destined to venture into other regional and international markets.

With Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd commitment to quality products and customer excellence, customers can expect only the best products and services

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Allied Timbers eyes 40 percent volume increase

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in News

ALLIED TIMBERS EYES 40 PERCENT VOLUME INCREASE. Allied Timbers is looking at increasing utilisation of harvested trees from about 40 percent, a move that is expected to increase volumes and revenue, CEO Dr Daniel...

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Gender Parity In Allied Timbers Zimbabwe

Posted on Jul 31, 2016 in News

Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd has a staff compliment of 1 452 employees and It prides itself in gender parity. There are 31 female senior employees and 9 of them hold senior management positions in the...

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Allied Timbers Re-hires Milling Contractors

Posted on Jun 28, 2016 in News

ALLIED Timbers has re-hired milling contractors to argument production after...

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Allied Timbers Zimbabwe Launches Trusses Under A New Monicker

Posted on Apr 30, 2016 in News

Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd has launched its trusses under a new...

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